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Hello and welcome to our website,

With the festive period now well and truly behind us, the school has settled back into the daily routines which ensure that we deliver the highest standards of education and care for our young people.

We have now begun our programme with the UK Military School and the pupils have several weeks of challenging, but inspiring activities to look forward to.

Some will be based in school, others at a variety of off-site locations, with the overall aim of developing life-skills, such as self-confidence and teamwork.  We’ll make sure that there are regular updates on this site.

I’m also continuing to work on our plans for post-16 provision and will keep you up to date on this as well.  Hopefully things will be ready to start in September.

And, in addition, we’re about to start work on a new school logo, with the pupils already getting involved in the design process.

As you can see from our work with the Tate, we have some very talented artists at Olsen, including Mrs Prentice, so I’m sure the project is going to be a huge success.

We’re also giving pupils a say in the school uniform for next year, although they are well aware that this will still need to conform to our high standards and expectations.

Ms A Ford


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